Wednesday, February 28, 2007


David Byron, singer with hard rockers Uriah Heep, is found dead at his home in Reading, England. He was 38.

One of my favorite bands, saw `em live opening for Kiss (no shit!). Even though they've gone through quite a few singers since then, the quintessential Heep sound has got to have the voice of David Byron.

So raise your beer glass and sing along with me..."This is a place I've never seen before, it's called easy livin..."

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Yep, it's that time of year again, another rollover of the biological clock.
And coincidentally, it's also National Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday), because
of course, pancakes are one of my favorite foods, not just for breakfast.
The historical high point of my birthday was 1962 when John Glenn circled
the Earth 3 times.
The low point had to be 2003 when the R.I nightclub fire killed 100 people at a
Great White show. Back in the day I hung out at clubs much like that one, with
only 2 exits, 1 always next to the stage.

And driving in to work this morning, I heard Ian Hunter's "Bastard", which is
what I was when I was born...
...and some people say I still am...hahahaha...

Monday, February 19, 2007


Well, it was lots of fun, but too damn cold for Florida, and of course no real
hippies in sight. Though lots of hippie wigs!! But a great line up of bands/musicians.
Here's who we listened to:
MCed by Country Joe and his sardonic sense of humor:
1)Denny Laine: original Moody Blue and member of Wings; very nice could have listened to more of him.
2)Terry Sylvester:from the Hollies, replacement for Graham Nash. Very nice performance.
3)Joey Molland:just about the last member of Badfinger still alive. Good songs, but seemed like
the performance was rote.
4)Country Joe:and his FISH cheer, yeah the original album one, and a new anti-Bush song (...gonna send him back to the farm, where he can shovel real bull shit). Something like that,
anyway, and well received.
5)Melanie:who actually looked and dressed like it was still the 60s. But found the performance
annoying with her son playing electric guitar behind her acoustic strumming, didn't fit
at all.
6)Felix Cavaliere:from the Rascals, seen him before and he always puts on a great show.
7)Eric Burdon:of the Animals, and a surprise guitarist - Hilton Valentine, the original
Animals guitarist. So that was cool. And he had some hot chick bass player as a bonus!
8)Iron Butterfly;which is down to Ron Bushy & Lee Dorman, original drummer and bass
player. But they had a good keyboard player and a great guitarist who really fit in well.
The funny part is, their whole set consisted of the long version Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida...
and that was it.

So we had a good time, except for the cold. Sort of hoped that some of the people
would have signed autographs, but probably too cold for them too. Hopefully
Cypress Gardens will do it again next year and the weather will be warmer.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hot potato hot potato (or so go the Wiggles). Well, not a potato, but definitely
HOT. What's a Michelada anyway? Well, I've only seen it at one place, but
it's a spicy Mexican beer drink. From what I could tell, you take a beer glass
and put lime juice & hot sauce in the bottom, margarita salt on the rim, and then
pour in a dark beer, mine had Negro Modelo. Wow, is that good!! And hot! And
oddly enough, even Phyl liked it, though she hates any kind of beer.

So if you ever go to a Mexican restaurant (mine was Bronco's in Winter Haven FL)
and you see this on the menu, you have to try at least one...maybe 2...not sure if
you can handle 3, by then it's time to switch to Tecate to cool down your mouth.

So everybody potato hot potato - michelada michelada...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


And it sure is big!! Had this taken at the FL State Fair.

Pretty cool,eh? Wish you had a boot in the ass

like that, doncha?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) -- Even supporters acknowledged that the bill to make English the official language of Nashville was mostly a symbolic slap at illegal immigration.

But even that was too much for Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell. He vetoed the measure, saying it was unconstitutional, unnecessary and mean-spirited.
Besides, have you ever heard people from Nashville that's barely English...
Sorry, couldn't resist that...I'm am...really...

Sunday, February 11, 2007


 Went to this restaurant last night after spending the day at the FL state fair;
good time there, but the guy with the clearance books wasn't there this year.
Bummer. Anyway, went to dinner at a `churrascaria', which does not sell churros,
interestingly enough. What it is, is a Brazilian style steakhouse, but nothing like you've
ever seen unless you've actually been to one. For a single price meal, we got a soup
(Lobster bisque-ugh!), a salad with only olive oil (not very tasty)and a bunch of side dishes;
mashed potatoes, black beans, white & yellow rice,fried plantains (very yummy), fried yucca
(almost like a french fry, but not), some green chimichurri sauce (that Phyl said was the
best part of the meal) anda salsa and some other kind of sauce. Then, they put you in rotation,
and every coupleof minutes a carver with meat on a sword comes and slices you off one (Yes-1) piece
of various meats, probably 9 or 10 altogether,Two kinds of steak, 2 kinds of chicken, 2 kinds
of lamb, 2 kinds of ribs, a sausage, and possibly more. Very odd, you held the piece
with ice tongs as the slicer finished slicing. And you had a little coaster, red one one side,green
on the other; green meant slice away, red was time out to breathe. So an interesting concept,
but the flavors of much of the foods were strange; an altogether strange experience,
but at least we don't have to wonder what it is anymore. And the steak was rare and very tasty,
but not for Phyl, who likes charcoal steak. And of course, they had Brahma beer(Brazilian), so that
was nice. But just to piss me off, on the way out we picked up a copy of `tbt '(newspaper)
and as I looked at it today, there was a coupon for a free drink at the very place we'd eaten.
Go figure!!
So if you're feeling adventurous, try a churrascaria, but don't expect what you probably think
of when you think of steakhouse...
...And no churros...
ps:Rodizio is the style of meal, the preset dinner as explained above...
...And still no churros...


Friday, February 09, 2007


Yes, yes I am. I've been so busy the last few months with my new
position at work that I've had no time to cogitate upon my
ruminations! It requires way more computer work, mostly in excel
that my brain is feeling ready to explode. But I'll be back soon...

You know you miss me...yes you do...

Monday, February 05, 2007


"Malibu Beach Vampires (1991, 96 mins.): In addition to the traditional bloodsuckers, there are other kinds of vampires, you know...such as some politicians, military people, and evangelists."