Tuesday, November 29, 2005


At least I think so... When Phyl & I went to Orlando over Thanksgiving, we stayed overnite
in a hotel for 2 nights(thanx Crystal). The 2nd morning we had breakfast at the hotel, a buffet, but they would also make any kind of eggs you wanted. So, Phyl, she orders 'An omelet of mushroom & cheese' - not a cheese and mushroom omelet, but 'an omelet of mushroom & cheese'. Do you know how foreign that sounds, just like you fell of the banana boat from Eastern Europe!! Needless to say, she's still hearing about that one. Try it next time you're at IHOP and see for yourself...

Monday, November 28, 2005


Thank God for that. It's about time (since 1939) that this major industrial air polluter(Blommer Chocolate Co.)was forced to get rid of this major health hazard! There actually was an article in the paper the other day about this. It's a good thing that the EPA no longer has to worry about
global warming, polluted rivers & lakes and other dangerous chemicals in our air and now has time to crack down on what's really important...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


...Because they have no bones!! Or so the little ditty went that my dad used to sing. And I do love bananas, & they do have no bones (though they do have seeds). Bananas plain, banana bread (especially with no nuts), banana muffins (ditto), banana cream pie, & banana liqueur.
Yummy one and all...

Monday, November 21, 2005


1) The Worst Rock & Roll Records Of All Time by J Guterman & O.O'Donnell: Interesting reading, but can't say I agree with most of their choices. Seems like they just don't like much of anything.
2) The Testament by John Grisham: What to do with 11 BILLION dollars?? Find out here!
3) Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchet: Discworld retelling of Macbeth/Hamlet. Somewhat funny, but draggy in parts.
4) Giotto's Hand by Iain Pears: Another Art mystery...who's the master criminal no-one's heard of?
5) The Association by Bentley Little: Don't move into a gated community until you've read ALL the Rules & Regs. This one's really creepy.
6) Dancing In the Streets by Robert Palmer(not the singer): Companion to the BBC history of rock & roll. Mainly very broad with much historical background on music styles.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


You're not allowed to drink alcohol...you're not allowed to dance...you must keep your arms & legs covered...you're not allowed to wear makeup. What are you??

Either a Christian fundamentalist or a Muslim fundamentalist.

Isn't that curious??

Monday, November 14, 2005


Well, what a bummer, turns out they changed the time of the OBF to 4:00 start, too late for beer-festing on a Sunday. So that didn't happen. Good news is that i got some new music beforehand. 'Daze Of The Underground' Hawkwind tribute cd, Can's 'Ege Bamyasi', Bob Welch live album, among others. Also some new books,bio of Marc Bolan, bio of Steve Marriott, among others. Was looking for 2nd & 3rd season Rocky & Bullwinkle, but no luck there.
So i guess i'll have to look for a new beer-fest to go to...

Friday, November 11, 2005


Ah, after waiting a whole year, time for the beer fest again. Over the years i've tried about 483 different beers (as far as i can remember). Maybe Sunday will be the day to break 500! And, of course, since i go by myself, it gives me a chance to thoroughly browse the Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney. Something i don't get to do if Phyl is with me, as she hates music stores. Always find something good there; last year the Hawkwind book and Lemmy's bio; you'll never find them in Poke County! Update coming on the weekend soon...

Thursday, November 03, 2005


1)What Might Have Been Vol.1&2 by Greg Benford & M.H.Greenberg,ed: Omnibus collection consisting of 'Alternate Empires' & 'Alternate Heroes'. What if what happened in history didn't happen. Inteesting concept, some stories better than others, some a little arcane and you'd have to really know your history to figure out the pivot point, but generally a good read.
2)Everything's Eventual by Stephen King: Collection of short stories by the master. A little spotty in places, but generally up to the usual S.K standards.
3)Kent Montana and the Once and Future Thing by Lionel Fenn: Swamp creatures in the bayou, humorously.
4)Under the Influence:The Unauthorized Story Of the Anheuser-Busch Dynasty by Peter Herndon & Terry Ganey. All the info the Busches DON'T really want you to know about their family. A thorough look at the brewing giant from founding to mid 90's. Beer,sex,beer,drugs,beer,murder,beer,suicide,beer,political infighting,beer, and did I mention beer?
5)Mrs Fraser And the Fatal Shore by Michael Alexander: A little known historical incident from the 1836. Shipwreck,cannibals,and last minute rescue.
6)City Of Bones by Michael Connelly: Newly discovered 20 year old murder has no shortage of suspects. Well thought out story from a new (for me) writer.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Back around Feb.1989 or `90, we went to the Florida State Fair in Tampa. One of the vendors there was an outfit that sold rock n roll posters,pictures,music,shirts,etc. They had one wall that was covered with pictures taken by them of musicians visiting their booth in different places they had been. As I was looking at the board, someone took a picture of 4 Or 5 guys standing toward the front of the booth. Later, I told the rest of the family about it, and didn't think anymore about it. Later, my daughter Crystal asked the people who's picture they had taken, and it turned out to be Warrant. Crystal was a big fan of them back then, and in fact later met Jani Lane in Orlando. Anyway, the following year back at the fair, we were back at the same booth, and looking at the wall of pictures for the picture of Warrant. And who was in the background of the photo? Yep, yours truly. Never could get a copy of the picture though.