Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Autographed items I own...
Picture of Phyllis with Arlo Guthrie.
Ticket stub autographed by Foghat/2005. (thanks Corey!)
"Curse Of the Hidden Mirror" cd autographed by BOC (3OC + 2).
"Rare Earth In Concert" cassette autographed by Pete Rivera.
"Ride Captain Ride" single autographed by Mike Pinera.
"Twelve Dreams Of Dr Sardonicus" album signed by Randy California(r.i.p.) & Ed Cassidy.
Both Phil Esposito autobiographies.
"Wild Thing" autobiography by Ian Copeland (Stewart's brother).
"Back From Rio" cd autographed by Roger McGuinn.
"Dreamgirl" autobiography autographed by Mary Wilson.
"Chambers Brothers Live" album autographed by all the brothers & the white drummer.
Of course, there's tons more, but hey - this is just off the top of my head...

Monday, August 29, 2005


1)Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot + murder at a beach resort.
2)The Monitors by Keith Laumer. Alien invasion+ humor.
3)Great Beer Guide-500 Classic Brews by Michael Jackson(not that one!) The best of beer + beer tips.
4)Red Orc's Rage by Philip Jose Farmer. World of Tiers + psychiatry.
5)The Collection by Bentley Little. Lots of horror + some humor.
6)The Enormous Hourglass by Ron Goulart. Science Fiction + Private eye parody.

So there you have it...feel free to comment on how you enjoyed any or all of these books. Personally, the only one i didn't really like was the Farmer book.


...And a successful weekend of interesting stuff. Added Ernie, Cookie Monster, & a weird scarecrow to my pez collection. Also picked up cheap the book "Killing Bono", written by a guy who grew up with Bono, and also had a band(unsuccessfully). And a couple of pint glasses for that collection...Hook's Grill & Grog from ???, & Croc's Cafe 5th anniversary commemorative glass from 1997. So all in all, a fun weekend. Also saw 'Red Eye' this weekend. Good flick.

Friday, August 26, 2005


My favorite (hot) beverage of choice. Used to drink coffee by the gallon, but never really liked the taste. So of course it ended up with lots of sweet 'n' low & milk with a bit of coffee (LOL).
So now I drink tea by the gallon. The nice thing is that it requires no milk or sweetener, unless you're drinking a spiced chai, then it's optional. Really like black tea,red tea(rooibos), jasmine (very smooth & mellow), and white - at the moment i have some that's made from bamboo shoots, interesting. Of course, Earl Grey & English breakfast are old standbys, and some orange pekoe (which is like drinking Budweiser before you learn that beer has more flavor than that.
So there you have it; what kind is your favorite??

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Sitting here waiting to go home. Listening to Jack Bruce (& friends) "Sitting On Top Of the World" cd of his 50th birthday concert. Nice stuff here, some solo, some covers, "Theme From An Imaginary Western" which he co-wrote, and of course some Cream stuff. Can't wait for a Cream reunion cd!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Everybody has a guilty pleasure...what's yours? Mine would have to be Shakira. Not only is she hot (and i mean HOT!), but she can actually sing. In 2 languages. She can also write her own songs, and play guitar. She's not just a singing babe; she's a talented singing babe. Oh,yeah - did i mention she's HOT??

Monday, August 22, 2005


"I will skin your children and eat them. Upon finishing, I will fashion utensils of their bones." - George Washigton.
No, not really, but according to the story "The Washingtonians" by Bentley Little in "The Collection". Pretty warped,eh? Interesting concept behind it all, though. And who knows, it REALLY could be true!!

Friday, August 19, 2005


Something that really irks the shit out of me everytime i see it?? Did you notice that everybody
on TV knows how to eat with chopsticks?? I don't know anyone who can eat with chopsticks except my parents, and they lived in the Far East for quite a few years. So why is it everytime someone gets Chinese etc takeout on tv they whip out the old chopsticks and go at it...even the kids?


Things i've collected over the years: Matchbook covers: beer glasses(w/logos); beer bottle labels; coasters(beer mats); swizzle sticks; Pez dispensers. Fortunately, other than the glasses they don't take up TOO MUCH room, says I. Phyllis (the wife of 31+ years) tends to disagree. What really takes up the space is the books I can't bear to part with, even though i've gotten rid of 100s & 100s over the last 35 or so years. So now the ones that the used book shop won't take; I leave in public places for others to (hopefully) read. Check out the link to over on the side of the page here. Not only can you keep track of the books you dispose of, but you can keep track of the ones that you want to keep forever & ever.

So what do YOU collect...

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Hey, 2 new links for you to enjoy (or not). Check out, a group of folks around the world who leave books laying around for other people to read, pretty cool idea. Sure i'm there, look for heathcliff13 and see how things are going. Maybe you'll be interested in passing along the books you no longer want (and the used bookstore doesn't either). You know, selling `em for .25 at your yard sale is hardly worth the effort...get yourself some good karma - you probably need it!

And check out the Land Of the Dead website; gotta love those zombie movies, George Romero only gets better.


One of my favorite actors when I was younger. Was flipping the dial last nite, saw the last 1/2HR of "The Great Escape". Steve McQ jumping the fence with his motorcycle, now that was the coolest. My 3 favorite Steve McQ no particular order: "The Blob" (yeah, sure it was cheesy, but Steve was still good in it,his first starring role.); "The Sand Pebbles" (US Navy in 1920s China-based on the book by James Clavell(watch for the death of a thousand cuts-ow!)); "The Great Escape" (which also had Charles Bronson,James Garner,Donald Pleasance,James Coburn,&David(Man From Uncle)McCallum, among others. So there you have it - what Steve
McQ movies do you like the best?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Well, that took a while, but finally got it figured out. Check out the link on the right
and find out what kind of music I listen to. Check out my ratings; drop me a line if you don't agree...or whatever.

LAST 5 BOOKS I'VE READ (in case you're interested)

1)The Raphael Affair by Iain Pears. Art history + art mystery
2)Galactic Diplomat by Keith Laumer. Science Fiction + humor
3)Darkness by Sam Siciliano. Vampires + Victorian England
4)Wild Thing by Ian Copeland. Memoirs + The Police
5)Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen. Murder + zaniness in South Florida

As you can see, I have very varied taste in reading material (or possibly no taste at all - a gourmand as opposed to a gourmet). Feel free to comment on how you liked any of the above books, or not.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Hello, hope to update 2-3 times a week as things strike me - feel free to check back.