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Monday, April 23, 2012


British scientists have restored the sight of blind mice by transplanting light-sensitive photoreceptor cells into their eyes.

Friday, April 20, 2012


 An Australian public servant who was injured while having sex on a work trip has won compensation in court, local media report.

The woman was hit by a glass light fitting above her bed while having sex at a motel in New South Wales in 2007.

Her workers' compensation claims for facial and psychological injuries were initially rejected.

But the judge ruled she had suffered the injuries during the course of her employment.

 (From BBCOnline)


Thursday, April 19, 2012


1940 - April 19 2012: The drummer for the iconic 60s/70s band 'The Band'. Played with Ronnie Hawkins & Bob Dylan before that, yes this guy was an incredible drummer & singer too. Best album - listen to the Band's Rock Of Ages live set, way better than The Last Waltz.
Reunited with Richard Manuel & Rick Danko, know you can jam on into the wee hours of forever...rock on Levon, rock on...


87 years old, died Friday 13th this month. For those of you who don't know, he waas the actor best known for playing the vampire, Barnabas Collins, on the 60s soap opera (and movies) Dark Shadows.
Now this was back in the day when soap operas were broadcast live, and there were no retakes, which often made for awkward/funny moments when a cast member forgot his/her line and all was quiet until you heard the offset prompter cuing the actor! Funny stuff, yeah I used to watch it - hey it had vampires werewolves & witches, what's not to like?
And, interestingly enough, the mansion where the exteriors were filmed was one town over from where I grew up; and when I lived for a year in the Norwalk YMCA (NOT as much fun as the song would have you believe) I was right across the street from it. Small world, eh.
So, thanks for living long enough to cameo in the movie remake, at least we'll get to see you one more time...(though being undead, I guess you'll be around forever...)


1953 - April 19 2012: Flautist/saxophone player for Men At Work, younger than me - ugh. Never saw them live, but did & still do like the band.
You were no Ian Anderson, but you still rocked out...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


1929 - April 18 2012: A true American music icon, who popularized music for many kids by bringing it into our family rooms. I remember watching American Bandstand throughout much of the 60s, and even though I hadn't heard of most of the people in the early years, it was kids, dancing kids, and I knew it had to be something new & exciting.
Thanks for everything Dick, and I know you'll be broadcasting the afterlife version of Eternal Bandstand for many eons to come...


The king is generally popular in Spain but the royal family has recently been beset by a series of embarrassing news stories.

Only last week, the king's grandson, 13-year-old Felipe Juan Froilan, was himself taken to hospital after an incident involving a gun. He shot himself in the foot during target practice outside the family home.'

  (From BBCOnline)

You know, you just can't make this kind of stuff up!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 So Sunday I got a chance to go to the F.R.C.A. Record & CD show in Orlando. They hold it twice a year there, so I try to get to it at least once. Well, this year was somewhat of a disappointment since the bootleg guy wasn't there. He sells a lot of Carlotta's CDs from Australia, where at one time (not sure about now) it was legal to 'release' CDs of live concerts. The bootleg guy, he's from South Carolina I think, so maybe the price of gas was too prohibitive for him to come down for the one day show.

But I still managed to find some interesting CDs from some of the other vendors there. Among them were: Fairport Convention Encore Encore (Farewell Tour Spring '79); Richie Havens Live; Gary Moore (rip) Live In Japan; The Rutles Archeology; Os Mutantes live from their 2006 reunion; Mick Fleetwood Band Something Big; & Colosseum Colosseum Live.

So a good time was had, though I had been looking forward to some new boots, but watcha gonna do?

 There's always next year…

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The late great Sky Saxon & the Seeds...hey, who can dance the grooviest??

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"The attraction is actually two for the price of one: a "Factory Tour" in the basement, and the finished wax displays in the museum above. It's in the factory that the passing decades instantly become apparent, as you enter through a subterranean hallway lit with porno-purple lights and lined with hundreds of wax heads of the famous and forgotten. It's a nightmarish introduction, since the heads have no hair or eyeballs and are wrapped in clear plastic bags displayed behind wire mesh. Instructive, too; we never realized that George Bush, Melvin Purvis, and Mad Anthony Wayne "looked so much alike without eyes or hair."

From: website we all look creepy without eyeballs & hair...maybe all presidential candidates should appear that way in public...
least creepy wins!

Sunday, April 01, 2012


Well, had dinner here tonight (Fire Restaurant in A'dale, next to the post-office); food was pretty good. You could tell much of it was made on-site. Such as the cinnamon butter that came with the dinner rolls, best butter ever, actually thought it was cinnamon apple butter it was so creamy!
However, the best food ever was the Banana Napoleon dessert!!! Would have married the waitress if she had made it herself. A Napoleon pastry with banana & phyllo dough instead of regular pie dough; in-fucking-credible! May actually have to go back and just order 6 dessert servings...