Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So yesterday I had this terrible headache, thought my head was going to explode; it was so bad I left work early. Came back to work today, seems to have gone away.
But my son Corey told me it was probably because I finally filled up my head with trivial knowledge and ran out of room in my brain...
(Hey, it could happen)

Monday, April 27, 2009


My guess? NOT put his image on a license plate! Oh, yes, the Florida legislature is voting on new license plates this week, one of which will have an image of Jesus on it. Which begs the question...which image of Jesus would they use, 40s movies, 70s movies, shroud of Turin?
And speaking of license plates, I've noticed lately that the some of the standard design Florida plates now say "In God We Trust" in place of the County name. Not sure if I'd want that on my license plate, irregardless of whether I actually believe in god or not, I certainly wouldn't trust one who allowed child molestings, murders, and mass killings to happen.
(So thank god we don't need gun control...)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It's a Ryley world after all
it's a Ryley world after all
it's a Ryley world after all
don't know why they call it small...
So, we got to go to Magic Kingdom with Ryley this past weekend, and of course his favorite ride was Small World (which I remember from the 1964 World's Fair) and we had to do it twice. And the figures seem about Ryley's size (just under 3') so they're not small to him(hence the reworking of the theme song...). Yeah, it was so much fun,
though my feet still hurt...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Nadya Suleman, America's favorite mother of octuplets, is seeking to trademark her media nickname "Octomom" in order sell baby goods and a TV show.

Nuff said!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Marilyn Chambers, whose work ranged from a photograph on a laundry soap (Ivory Snow) package to pornographic films, was found dead in her home on Sunday in Santa Clarita, California. Chambers starred in the 1972 Behind the Green Door, which The New York Times describes as “a pornographic film about a woman who is abducted to a theater and ravished in front of an audience, ultimately to her great satisfaction, by both men and women.” Released the same year as Deep Throat, it “is generally credited with helping establish a mainstream market for pornography.” Chambers tried to cross over into mainstream acting with a small part in The Owl and the Pussycat (1970) and a role in David Kronenberg’s Rabid (1977), but remained in sex films. “I thought there would be a chance to cross over,” she once said. “Boy, was I wrong.” Chambers was 56.

And as you can see, she was one of the truly pretty of the early porn stars, most who seemed to be picked for their talents rather than their beauty. Remember, she actually was the model holding the baby on the Ivory Snow box when I was a teenager.

Monday, April 13, 2009


By Stephen King: A change of venue for the master, a novel set in Florida(!) instead of Maine. To me, this made it more enjoyable since many of the locales I've been to or through over the years that I've been here in Florida. Edgar Freemantle moves to Duma Key after a near fatal accident (or was it?) in which he loses one arm and survives a partially crushed skull. On the up-side, he finds a talent for drawing, and later painting which he wasn't aware he had. At the height of his success, everything goes to hell...and that's all I can tell you without ruining it for you.
Great book, hurry up and read it before the movies fuck it up...

Sunday, April 12, 2009


By Julian Shear & William Marsden: Not paved with good intentions, at least not in Canada. So you thought the Hell's Angels were just a biker gang who enjoyed raping & pillaging. Well, apparently in Canada they also control the drug trade, run the shipping docks, and threaten police. Yeah, pretty scary book. And oddly enough, they had a big hangout/resort in Nanaimo, where my Mom lives; though all the times we've been there can't say I ever saw any bikers. Certainly glad about that, after reading this book.
So next time someone starts out with "the road to hell..."finish up with"is paved by Canadian bikers" (many of who apparently wear 3-piece suits...

and don't even like to ride bikes!!


And don't eat too many eggs...

Thursday, April 09, 2009


So this one was pretty good, an Italian Artisanal beer. Bought this at 67 Wine & Spirits in Pompano Beach, Fl. If you're ever there, check it out; many, many beers both foreign and microbrewed domestic. And quite a larger coolerful too, besides the 2+ aisles of unrefrigerated beer. If I lived closer, it would be a dangerous place, and the list would hit 1000 fairly quickly.
And isn't this just a great label??


Happy faux Friday, at least to those of you who have tomorrow off as a paid holiday.
And speaking of faux, here in Poke County, we have a property appraiser named Faux. But
she pronounces it Fox, I'm guessing because she doesn't want to be known as a fake - or false - property appraiser.
But a Fox by any other name is still Faux, but not a gal Friday...not even on Thursday...

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Wouldn't you like to grade papers for the Dept. of Corrections?

Why is it called Bluetooth when it is neither a tooth nor necessarily blue?

Shepherd's pie...why is it made of beef and not sheep?

Why do people say they have issues instead of problems...don't magazines have issues?

Just some points to ponder, when you have the time...