Tuesday, January 31, 2006


1969 - Jimmy Carter, while Governor of Georgia. (probably not a flying peanut)

1969 - William Shatner, in the Mojave desert. (probably not the Starship Enterprise)

1971 - Muhammad Ali, "If you look into the sky...playing tag between the stars." (Most probably one too many right hooks to the head)

1974 - Ronald Reagan, following one in a plane. (Probably not flown by Bonzo the Chimp)

1974 - John Lennon, in N.Y.C. (definitely not Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, oh wait a minute, maybe it was)

Of course, I'm not saying I don't believe in UFOs; I may have seen one when I was in military school back in 1965.


1) Disney:The Mouse Betrayed by P & R Schweizer. Interesting look at how Disney has changed over the years, especially after Eisner took over. You sure won't want to work there (unless you're gay,maybe) after reading this book.

2) The Tristan Betrayal by Robert Ludlum. Nazis,commies,spies & more. And topped by a surprise twist at the end.

3) A Riot Of Our Own by Johhny Green & Garry Barker. On tour with the Clash, by someone who was there. Goes from early touring up through "London Calling". A must read if you're a fan, or even just a music fan.

4) Cooper's Creek by Alan Moorehead. From the author of "White Nile" & ""Blue Nile", a look at early exploration of interior Australia.

5) Brimstone by Doug Preston & Lincoln Child. With characters from "Relic","Reliquary" & "Cabinet Of Curiosities". Another exciting read,but I thought the denouement was a cop-out.

6) Seven Steps To The Arbiter by L Ron Hubbard. Think 'swashbuckling space opera' written by the man who went on to found Scientology.

Monday, January 30, 2006


In a move to impress visitors to the historic Rouge River Dearborn Truck
Plant, employees driving non-Ford vehicles will have to park across
the street and walk, rather than parking in the main lot. This while
Ford is having problems with sales, and planning thousands of lay-offs.
The U.A.W. has said that both the union and the company want
to get people's attention...
...yeah, with how anal-retentive they can be!!
Wouldn't want people to find out just how many Ford employees
don't like the company product...or can't afFord to buy one!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Pren�ncio do Pref�cio Fl�cido
(click on either link above)

Can't read the captions/commentaries(I think it's in Portugese),
but some great/funny/sick-o pix on this blogsite.

Heathcliff sez check it out!!!
...and go back often...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


'Best Of Mountain' autographed by Corky Laing (from a `00s St Pete,FL show)

'Retrospective' by The Knack' autographed by Doug Fieger, Berton Averre, & Prescott Niles (from a 2002 Epcot show)

'Contraband-Best of Men At Work' autographed by Colin Hay (from a 200? Tampa,FL show)

'Curse Of the Hidden Mirror' by Blue Oyster Cult autographed by Eric Bloom, Allen Lanier, Buck Dharma from the original lineup; also Danny Miranda & Bobby Rondinelli (from a 2002 St Pete,FL show

'Anthology' by The Grass Roots autographed by Rob Grill (from a 1990s Epcot show)

'Featuring Eric & Jeff' by The Yardbirds autographed by Chris Dreja & Jim McCarty (from a 2002 Epcot show)

'Box Of Frogs' by Box Of Frogs autographed by Chris Dreja & Jim McCarty (From Yardbirdsusa.com - have this on cassette, couldn't resist buying cd signed version-a great album)

'Give The Kid A Chance' by Johnny G Lyon/JGLB autographed by Johnny G Lyon (at a Brandon,FL show a few years back - what a great guy)

'No More Dirty Deals' by Stranger autographed by the whole band (Found this one in a flea market)

'Horror Wrestling' by Drain Sth Autographed by the band. (4 hot chicks from Sweden who actually toured with Ozzfest, very heavy!)
Interesting story on this. After originally buying this cd, I had bid on ebay to get an autographed copy of their other cd, but lost. Last year, while shopping at the used music store in Tampa (Vinyl Fever-great store) found an updated version of the 'HW' cd with an added tune. Bought it cheap and brought it home. While unfolding the liner notes discovered it had been autographed! What a deal!

Monday, January 23, 2006

MISS HOAG'S 5th GRADE;1963-64

Wilton, Connecticut - Guess which one is me?

Friday, January 20, 2006


So you better be nice to your dog...
(If you want to kick something - kick the cat, they're evil anyway)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The United States Bureau of Printing & Engraving prints over 37,000,000 bills DAILY.

The dollar value of the daily printing is over $696,000,000

There is over $719,000,000,000 in circulation.

And that's not even counting all those annoying pennies!!...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


"For criminal acts and violence on the stage,
for being a brat - refusing to act your age
you can go to Hell"
And you can go along with him! This album was Alice's take on the rock opera/concept album. Actually one of my favorite Alice albums, a quite humorous look at (Alice) going to Hell. ("It's pretty warm, but it ain't sunny")
So Alice gets to meet the Devil and has a hell of a time "Having a Hell of a time my dear, wish you were here" and reminds his friend to take care of his pets. "So don't forget to feed my cats-Spike & Jerome,dear".
And in the end Alice gets a second chance, and goes home...

but don't think that means you'll be as lucky...

Monday, January 16, 2006


Johnny G Lyon band. Great musician from Tampa Bay. First saw him at the State
Fair in 1988 or `89. Seen him a few times over the years since then. Has one of the greatest
unknown singles that should have been released nationally, 'Call Me Lover Boy'. What a groove, it really rocks. A couple of years ago I was able to talk to Johnny after a show in Brandon.
Really nice guy, autographed my copy of his cd "Give The Kid A Chance", and a gave me a special discount card for his niteclub/restaurant over in Tampa. Never got there (yet), though still hope to someday.
But it's the thought that counts, and JGL is a great guy, and his band does a killer live show.
So if you're ever visiting Tampa, try to catch a show...


Oh yeah,right, only if you're a government entity, post office, bank, or school.
What's up with that? Seems to me everyone should get a 'National' Holiday or
no-one should get it.
If it's not really for everybody, then it's just an excuse, innit?

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Died yesterday at the age of 85. What a great actress she was, though
never really well known famous. Even in `B' movies like Roger Corman's
"Bloody Mama" she was fun to watch (as Ma Barker, the real life mother who
led a gang including her sons back in the `20s or `30s).
And no matter how many remakes of "The Poseidon Adventure" there are,
no-one will ever do her role (as the overweight lady who could hold
her breath for a long time underwater) as well as she did.
So, Shelley, off to a well deserved rest, and see you on TCM
when they do the retrospective I'm sure you deserve.

Friday, January 13, 2006


'Sheik Yerbouti' by Frank Zappa

'The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get' by Joe Walsh

'One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back' by The Darkness

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


When the Scorpions were on tour in the U.S. recently, their bus
hit a deer in the road. When the band got out to look, it turns out the bus was stopped
in front of a billboard with a picture of a deer on it.
The billboard read: 'The wonder of wildlife'.

Klaus Meine in 'Classic Rock Magazine' Nov.2005

Of course, if the deer hadn't been staring at the picture of itself
none of this would have happened!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Further research has come up with the following numbers:

668 - The neighbor of the Beast (664 is, of course, vacant)
6X6X6 - The lumber of the Beast
$665.95 - The retail price of the Beast
0.666 - The number of the Millibeast
1010011010 - The binary number of the Beast
DCLXVI - The Roman numeral of the Beast
333 - The baby of the Beast
777 - The private jet of the Beast

and of course...

1-666-666-6666 - The fax number of the Beast

& finally...

www.endo-of-civilization-asweknowit.com - the website of the beast

Sunday, January 08, 2006


"A week ago this place was buzzing with life,
now it's buzzing with flies"

"I feel better Patricia, but I'm thirsty...for your blood!"

But a great cheesy movie nonetheless, by the great Italian
horror movie director Lucio Fulci. Make sure you rent it
next time you're at the video store, see it with friends, and
preferably drunk!

Friday, January 06, 2006


1) The Dark Tower (D.T.#7) by Stephen King: And the moral of the story is...those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it. A long journey covering 7 books, started in the early 80s in the Magazine of F & SF as a series of stories. Now that it's done, someday have to go back and re-read the whole thing (in less than 20 years!).

2) Digital Fortress by Dan Brown: Another code, this time an unbreakable code in a code-breaking computer (or is it?)

3) Analog 6 by John Campbell,ed: late 60s SF reprinted from the magazine.

4) Dylan:A Biography by Bob Spitz: Dylan up to the mid 80s; what a fascinating person he is.

5) Project Pope by Clifford D Simak: A 1981 sf look at religion; with robots, a Vatican, a computer pope, aliens, murderers, and even a hero & heroine.

6) Closing Time by Joseph Heller: A disappointing sequel to 'Catch-22', written ca 1994, and bringing the characters up to the present (90s). Unfortunately, what was different and classic in the original, can't be lived up to in the sequel. Damn shame, because I think 'Catch-22' is one of the classic novels of our time, and deserved better for a sequel.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


According to yesterday's newspaper, Federal regulators have given a Miami automaker
the go-ahead to sell a Romanian off-road vehicle in the US without airbags
until May 2008. They got the exemption, not because it's a high quality vehicle
which may be safe to drive without airbags (which have never worked for me in
any accident I've been in anyway), but because the company could go out of
business without the exemption.
Wow!! Just what we need, another quality vehicle made in Eastern Europe - remember
the Yugo? And to by-pass safety regulations to do it; once again showing that the
government is more concerned for business than the individual.
Maybe we can get rid of train crossing gates next in orderto help the railroads save money; we
don't really need warning when a train is coming, and think of the money they'll save
by not replacing broken gates after cars have hit them trying to beat the train!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


According to the makers of Chami Tea (Ceylon Royal Teas Ltd)..."A leaf fell from a nearby bush, fell into the cup of hot water 'Shen Nang' was sipping. He tasted the improvement over plain boiled water - thus began tea drinking. That's all now history".

So why aren't we drinking shen, or perhaps nang?? "A cuppa shen please" or perhaps "May I have some Earl Gray nang please".

Ah well, 'history is what you make it, and if you don't, then someone else makes it for you.
And I wouldn't change that for all the shen nang in China!