Friday, August 19, 2005


Things i've collected over the years: Matchbook covers: beer glasses(w/logos); beer bottle labels; coasters(beer mats); swizzle sticks; Pez dispensers. Fortunately, other than the glasses they don't take up TOO MUCH room, says I. Phyllis (the wife of 31+ years) tends to disagree. What really takes up the space is the books I can't bear to part with, even though i've gotten rid of 100s & 100s over the last 35 or so years. So now the ones that the used book shop won't take; I leave in public places for others to (hopefully) read. Check out the link to over on the side of the page here. Not only can you keep track of the books you dispose of, but you can keep track of the ones that you want to keep forever & ever.

So what do YOU collect...

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