Friday, September 09, 2005


Say what?? Actually, I was reading last night and the book mentioned Horn & Hardart cafeterias. They were these neat little cafeteria style eateries that had little doors with food
behind them. You would put money (1 or 2 quarters on up) and open the little door that had whatever you were interested in eating behind it. Sandwich, hot food, dessert,etc. What fun when I was little. My dad used to take me to NYC on my birthday and we would see a movie (after a short visit to his office at Mobil) and go to lunch at the automat, and just generally hang out until we caught the train home to Connecticut. After the movie we used to go to Orange Julius which was just an open counter on the sidewalk at the time; never saw them anywhere else back then. Horn & Hardart...anyone else remember them..been there?...done that?

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