Friday, September 02, 2005


Well, this is weird. Looking through a desk drawer last night, i found an old list of movies i'd seen at the movie theaters. Here's some from the list you may never have heard of (and some I don't remember!). 'Soldier Blue'(with a young Candace Bergen), 'Lawman', 'White Comanche', 'Percy', (An English penis movie!), 6-1/2hr Russian 'War and Peace', Blood & Black Lace', 'The Revolutionary', 'Z', 'Getting Straight', 'W.U.S.A.', 'The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes', 'Bobbie' (a Patty Duke movie,if i recall), 'All the WAy Up', 'Walk A Crooked Path', 'The Devils', 'The Hellstrom Chronicles'(bugs will rule the earth!), 'Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion', 'The Jokers', 'Now You See Him,Now You Don't', 'The Unholy Rollers'.

Interesting, eh? Leave me a note if you've seen any of these...

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