Wednesday, September 28, 2005


My Dad, now 88 years old, has traveled around the world and done many things in his prime. Now he lives in Nanaimo B.C. with my Mom. We heard many stories while growing up, but unfortunately my Dad has Alzheimer's and doesn't really remember them anymore. So I guess I'll try to remember them for him.
When he was young, my Dad had thoughts of becoming an author, and technically he was. He had 1 story published in a Canadian magazine. The story was about a dog named Chum. Chum was a dumb dog, and eventually his name evolved into Chump. But one day he saved someone's life (don't remember the details) and from then on he was called Champ. Dad even had a nom de plume: Eddie Sparks. Unfortunately he threw out his copy of the magazine along with with lots of other one of a kind mementos.

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