Tuesday, October 04, 2005


1)Killobyte by Piers Anthony: Virtual Reality & Video Games; something a bit different than his usual fantasy-based novels. Definitely interesting, worth a read.

2)State Of Fear by Michael Crichton: Eco-terrorists & Global Warming; a very interesting, factual-based background to this one. A good lesson here - don't believe everything you hear about global warming. The state of fear? What governments keep us in so as to be able to keep us in line. If it's not one thing (the commies) it's another (global warming).

3)Nebula Winners Twelve ed.by Gordon R Dickson; 1976 SF award winners, including the classic "Bicentennial Man" (nothing like the crappy movie - read the original).

4)Sole Survivor by Dean Koontz; sole survivor & sole reviver. Interesting, but not one of his best.

5)Livingston And Africa by Jack Simmons; "Dr Livingstone, I presume, coming out of the jungle gloom into the mid-day sun; what did you find there, did you stop a while a stare- did you see anyone?" (w/thanks to the Moody Blues). Relatively short but interesting bio of the famous Dr L
and his journeys through Africa.

6)A Salty Piece Of Land by Jimmy Buffett; man, he just keeps getting better, this one travels all over; Key West, Mexico, South Pacific, etc. Lighthouses, fishing, bounty hunters and a 100+ year old woman all figure in this one.

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