Monday, November 21, 2005


1) The Worst Rock & Roll Records Of All Time by J Guterman & O.O'Donnell: Interesting reading, but can't say I agree with most of their choices. Seems like they just don't like much of anything.
2) The Testament by John Grisham: What to do with 11 BILLION dollars?? Find out here!
3) Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchet: Discworld retelling of Macbeth/Hamlet. Somewhat funny, but draggy in parts.
4) Giotto's Hand by Iain Pears: Another Art mystery...who's the master criminal no-one's heard of?
5) The Association by Bentley Little: Don't move into a gated community until you've read ALL the Rules & Regs. This one's really creepy.
6) Dancing In the Streets by Robert Palmer(not the singer): Companion to the BBC history of rock & roll. Mainly very broad with much historical background on music styles.

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