Wednesday, January 25, 2006


'Best Of Mountain' autographed by Corky Laing (from a `00s St Pete,FL show)

'Retrospective' by The Knack' autographed by Doug Fieger, Berton Averre, & Prescott Niles (from a 2002 Epcot show)

'Contraband-Best of Men At Work' autographed by Colin Hay (from a 200? Tampa,FL show)

'Curse Of the Hidden Mirror' by Blue Oyster Cult autographed by Eric Bloom, Allen Lanier, Buck Dharma from the original lineup; also Danny Miranda & Bobby Rondinelli (from a 2002 St Pete,FL show

'Anthology' by The Grass Roots autographed by Rob Grill (from a 1990s Epcot show)

'Featuring Eric & Jeff' by The Yardbirds autographed by Chris Dreja & Jim McCarty (from a 2002 Epcot show)

'Box Of Frogs' by Box Of Frogs autographed by Chris Dreja & Jim McCarty (From - have this on cassette, couldn't resist buying cd signed version-a great album)

'Give The Kid A Chance' by Johnny G Lyon/JGLB autographed by Johnny G Lyon (at a Brandon,FL show a few years back - what a great guy)

'No More Dirty Deals' by Stranger autographed by the whole band (Found this one in a flea market)

'Horror Wrestling' by Drain Sth Autographed by the band. (4 hot chicks from Sweden who actually toured with Ozzfest, very heavy!)
Interesting story on this. After originally buying this cd, I had bid on ebay to get an autographed copy of their other cd, but lost. Last year, while shopping at the used music store in Tampa (Vinyl Fever-great store) found an updated version of the 'HW' cd with an added tune. Bought it cheap and brought it home. While unfolding the liner notes discovered it had been autographed! What a deal!

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