Thursday, January 05, 2006


According to yesterday's newspaper, Federal regulators have given a Miami automaker
the go-ahead to sell a Romanian off-road vehicle in the US without airbags
until May 2008. They got the exemption, not because it's a high quality vehicle
which may be safe to drive without airbags (which have never worked for me in
any accident I've been in anyway), but because the company could go out of
business without the exemption.
Wow!! Just what we need, another quality vehicle made in Eastern Europe - remember
the Yugo? And to by-pass safety regulations to do it; once again showing that the
government is more concerned for business than the individual.
Maybe we can get rid of train crossing gates next in orderto help the railroads save money; we
don't really need warning when a train is coming, and think of the money they'll save
by not replacing broken gates after cars have hit them trying to beat the train!!

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