Tuesday, January 31, 2006


1) Disney:The Mouse Betrayed by P & R Schweizer. Interesting look at how Disney has changed over the years, especially after Eisner took over. You sure won't want to work there (unless you're gay,maybe) after reading this book.

2) The Tristan Betrayal by Robert Ludlum. Nazis,commies,spies & more. And topped by a surprise twist at the end.

3) A Riot Of Our Own by Johhny Green & Garry Barker. On tour with the Clash, by someone who was there. Goes from early touring up through "London Calling". A must read if you're a fan, or even just a music fan.

4) Cooper's Creek by Alan Moorehead. From the author of "White Nile" & ""Blue Nile", a look at early exploration of interior Australia.

5) Brimstone by Doug Preston & Lincoln Child. With characters from "Relic","Reliquary" & "Cabinet Of Curiosities". Another exciting read,but I thought the denouement was a cop-out.

6) Seven Steps To The Arbiter by L Ron Hubbard. Think 'swashbuckling space opera' written by the man who went on to found Scientology.

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