Thursday, February 02, 2006


Two local tales to point up the poor state of our local education system.

1) Recently, after much roadwork, lane rebuilding, shifting, etc. a new road sign was
put up at a local intersection. Now, this is not just a standard street sign, but one of those really large signs used to give directions to different streets on one sign. Now, for all the world to see (but not necessarily notice) the road formerly known as Berkley Road is now known as
Berkly Road. In very large letters! Now, even assuming this sign was painted in a prison, did no-one check the spelling before sending it out? How about the men who received the sign? The men who installed it? Surely someone in City/County government must have driven by the sign, has no-one in authority noticed the fairly obvious error? Don't they care?
Or maybe they can't read either!

2) And this one is even better. A couple of days ago, the Lakeland Ledger printed a story on
the front page about the former California postal worker who killed 5 people, and then herself.
The headline read in part "FORMAL POSTAL WORKER KILLS 5...". Now I really tend to doubt
that the postal worker had to dress in a ball gown when she worked, or that she dressed formally to do the slayings. So therefore, I have to conclude that not only did someone set
this in type, but someone else proofread it, and no-one noticed a glaringly obvious spelling error. Someone had to have seen the newspapers coming off the printing press. And yet there it was for all to see in the morning paper!

The scary part is...when they read their morning paper...

How many people DIDN'T notice the error?

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