Friday, April 28, 2006


Finally to Mexico, Phyl's favorite shopping mall. Our ship was docked parallel to the shoreline facing to the right. So, from our little bit of front deck first thing in the morning, all I could see was jungle, couldn't even even see the pier we were docked at. Actually started wondering where we were, did we break down offshore somewhere? Well, when we finally left the boat, this was the view to the right of the pier, a little place where you could hang out on what little sandy beach there was, since most of the beach looked like black coral or volcanic rock.
And as you can see, Costa Maya was in the middle of the jungle in the middle of nowhere. It apparently was built just so cruise ships would have somewhere new to go.
So, a long hike down the pier, and mr crazy statue was there to welcome you...
And so were some pretty Mexican ladies in Mayan costume. You could get you picture taken with them in front of the pyramid, which we did. Unfortunately, after picking up the picture (only $10 for an 8x10), Phyllis let it blow into the Caribbean along with most of the postcards we bought to send to people. So, no souvenir photo...
Inside the 'village' was this large hut which contained many hand-made crafts, as well as the usual souvenirs.
The rest of the village was across from the hut, and ran in a large semi-circle, with shops open to the courtyard/sidewalk. Lots of nice stores, especially Mexican silver shops. Also a store that sold 6 billion varieties of tequila (well, it seemed like 6 billion). And they gave out free samples of any one you wanted to try. So of course we did, and bought 2 bottles, 1 banana tequila, 1 coconut tequila. Very nice...
And at the end,where the curve enclosed the end, there was this outdoor stage. 3 times a day they had dancing on the stage, 2 of them Mexican folk dances, 1 of them Mayan ceremonial dancing. Was very colorful, and very well done. (And free!!) Actually have the 2 shows on video so my daughter Crystal can show them to her class of (mostly) Mexican kids.

And they also had an outdoor salt water swimming pool, with a built in bar at one end, so you didn't even have to get out to get drunk. How's that for fun? You can see the bar on the left under the hut to the left. You you could stay cool, and not even get sunburned while getting drunk!
And they had a very nice in/outdoor restaurant there, food was very good, drinks very large.

Drank a couple of Sols there, that were enormous. Largest beer bottles I've ever seen, they brought it out in a bucket of ice with a glass, because it was to heavy to drink out of (safely). Very good, very cold, very much fun. Couldn't find a picture of the bottle though.
So that was our trip to Costa Maya, had a lot of fun, but not sure if it was as good as Cozumel, which had a lot more stores (and Carlos & Charlie's) where we were supposed to go. Apparently the hurricane damage from Wilma is still quite bad. But, oddly enough, we talked to someone who had just been there and said there was a Carnival ship in port while they were there. So not sure what's going on there, but hopefully next cruise (2008?) we'll get to go back to Cozumel, or maybe even both places. Can't do too much Mexico - just ask Phyllis!

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