Thursday, April 06, 2006


1) The Jester by James Patterson & Andrew Gross: This is a switch, the adventures of Hugh the Jester during the time of the Crusades. A little far-fetched, but that's what fiction's for, eh.

2) The Windward Road by Archie Carr: An interesting travelogue about sea turtles in the Caribbean. The book was written in 1959, so it's all pretty much pre-tourism days. For example, the main industry of the Cayman Islands was turtle hunting, not banks & tourists!

3) The Partner by John Grisham: How do you steal $90 million and get away with it? Make sure you're dead first, of course. A better than average Grisham that goes way beyond the courtroom.

4) Yamato:A Rage In Heaven Pt.1 by Ken Kato: International trade & politics brought into interstellar science fiction. Not bad, but draggy in parts. Pt.2 coming soon...

5) Pure Drivel by Steve Martin: Yes, that Steve Martin. A humorous (but not laugh out loud funny) series of vignettes and short-short stories.

6) Cell by Stephen King: The newest King novel gives us a warning about cell phones. After reading this one, I'm glad I don't own one...
Sometimes being in the group isn't a good thing...

A good selection this time `round, definitely topped by the Stephen King.

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