Wednesday, April 19, 2006

USELESS KNOWLEDGE... better than no knowledge at all.

Was listening to a 60s compilation cd just before lunch, and a song came up that brought out a long forgotten memory. The song was Come On Down To My Boat by Every Mother's Son, which was pretty much their one-hit wonder, mostly forgotten by now (except by the people at Time-Life, and apparently me). But the thought that came to mind when I heard it was the memory of the song being played on my Mom's favorite soap opera As The World Turns, or as I would tell her, As The Stomach Churns. Now, back then (1967), pretty much all music
played on TV shows as background music was fake; even when the show had 'teens' in it doing 'teen' things, the music was nothing actually recognizable as our music that we actually listened to. Most of the 'teen' music was a instrumental take of someone's thought of what 'teen' music was. Until I remember hearing Come On Down To My Boat on ATWT. At least once, possibly never played again. And, oddly enough, it didn't seem to start a big rush for networks to license music by real bands to play on their 'teen' shows.

Though, of course, both The Addams Family & The Munsters did have great theme songs...

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