Tuesday, May 16, 2006


So we got up Sunday for Mother's Day, and went back to Orlando to
visit Crystal. Had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes (great muffins - but what happened to
the clam chowder??), and then to the Sanford Flea Market. There's one guy there
that sell bootleg cds (but they're not out in the open, you have to ask), and know
there's a lady in the next aisle who also sells them. So I picked up bootlegs from
Bad Company,Sheryl Crow,Los Lobos,Alice Cooper,Rolling Stones,& The Pretty Things.
Very sucessful shopping trip...

So after the flea market, took Crystal home (she got a Tori bootleg) and then
drove to Lakeland (past where we live)to visit Corey & Jami. Corey made a really
great chicken dish (thanks Chef Brockett!) and then Phyl played pool while I drank
beer. What could be more fun than that?

So we finally made it home in time for bed, but only got 3 hours sleep because of my feet - but that's another story...

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