Monday, May 22, 2006


Well, this past weekend was the opening weekend for The DaVinci Code, and the churches sure were in an uproar. Which of course, makes great publicity for the movie, if nothing else. All sorts of churches around here were advertising sermons that had something to do with DaVinci and his 'code'.

The first question is...did any of these people notice that it is sold in the Fiction section of the book store, not the Religion?

The second question is...did any of these people actually read the book?

The third question is...are these the same people that think the "Left Behind" series is the God's honest truth? Why aren't the moderate Christians, complaining about those books? Or does everyone really expect to float up to heaven (because they ALL think that they're the chosen ones)?

So that's my take on The DaVinci Code, which I have read (and also the "Left Behind" series). But I actually liked Dan Brown's Angels And Demons better.

And remember, no matter what else he may or may not have been, Jesus was a Capricorn...(and John was a Baptist!)

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