Saturday, June 10, 2006


Watching the Stanley Cup finals tonight, Edmonton (yay) vs Carolina (boo).
The part that really struck me; they're playing in Edmonton tonight, and of course
they do the 2 national anthems. So this Canadian guy sings the 'Star Spangled
Banner' and then he sings 'O Canada'. Well, the Canadians sing along, they actually
know the words to their anthem and really sing it out!
In fact. the actual singer stops singing into the microphone and just holds it over his head as the crowd of 16,000 sings. They actually sing without following the singer!
And they sang loud, I've never heard an American crowd sing as loud to our
national anthem anywhere,anytime...
Absolutely fucking incredible...if only because of that, the Edmonton Oilers deserve to
win the Stanley Cup...
...since the Lightning obviously aren't...

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