Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 This was a tasty one; an Abbey Tripel, 10%ABV. The beauty of well made ales is the fact that they go down very smooth, and you don't really notice the alcohol (until it's too late, of course).
And this little number was from those wild & crazy guys at Dogfish Head in Maryland. Their beers are often off the beaten path, but are always worth a try. This one is an Imperial Pilsner, yes I said an Imperial Pilsner! The bite of an IPA, with the drinkability of a Pilsner  - go figure. Now, I'm not a big fan of I.P.A.s, find them often way overhopped to the point of getting no flavor other than hops, but a hopped pilsner, as done by Dogfish Head (or Dog Fishead - boy that sure doesn't sound palatable, does it?) is certainly a treat, hopefully I'll be able to found it in one of the better beer stores, but probably not in this county, though we are getting better...

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