Thursday, December 06, 2012


12/06/20 - 12/05/12: The famous jazz pianist, almost made it to 92. Not a jazz fan myself, but I do have a couple of stories pertaining to Dave Brubeck.
When I went to school in Wilton, CT, one of his sons (possibly Chris) went to the same school I did, though I never really knew him.
 Even more interesting; when I used to go to the Congregational Church in Wilton, we had a youth minister who was actually a really cool guy. We used to have mixed media events with music, movies with the sound turned down, and light shows. He showed us how to do a really cool lightshow with an overhead projector, rigid plastic sheets, cooking oil and food coloring. And everything would be going on at once, so it was really cool (groovy). Anyway, instead of playing record albums, we would make up a reel to reel tape recording of different songs, parts of songs, etc. So Rev. Joyner made this one up, and part of the tape was a recording of Cream, doing a live version of Toad. Halfway through the drum solo he had inserted a live recording of a Dave Brubeck number that also had a drum solo, starting in the middle of that drum solo, so when the band came back in, it was Brubeck, not Cream. Always stuck in my mind.
Anyway, jazz on Dave, jazz on…

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