Thursday, April 25, 2013


by George Carlin (& Tony Hendra)
‘My mother, on the other hand, had a fucking list: “That telegram when I wired you $50 in Chicago? The telegram was $2.50. So that’s $52.50.” I would say: “What about those sneakers you got me in fourth grade? Where does being a parent end and being a loan shark begin?”’

And I was lucky enough to see George back in 71-72 (little hazy there) when he was at the top of his game with the 7 words bit. At the time, he had been best known as Al Sleet, the Hippy-Dippy weatherman. (which I believe he still did live.)
And he was still funny up until he died; a man who could do more with words than most people could dream of.
 Sure was hoping he would live forever...

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