Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Gone to the next dimension at the age of 87. One of my favorite authors when I was a teenager; especially enjoyed what is perhaps his best novel I Am Legend, which of course was made into three movies...

Vincent Price starred in the first adaptation in 1964,
 titled as The Last Man on Earth.
Charlton Heston later starred in the 1971 adaptation,
 Omega Man.
The 2007 I Am Legend saw Will Smith star as Robert 
Neville - the seemingly last human on Earth - trying to
 find a cure for a genetically-engineered virus that has
 turned the population into mutant vampiric creatures.

My personal favorite was the Vincent Price version, 
which seemed closer to the concept of the book,
although all 3 are enjoyable in their own fashion.
Now I'll have to dig up my old books (or perhaps buy a
 Kindle version) and re-read his stuff.

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