Thursday, June 06, 2013


'Vulcan Ale is just the first of what Canada’s Delancey Direct expects will be an entire series of Star Trek beers. Vulcan Ale, released last month, celebrates the centennial of Vulcan, Alberta, a small Canadian prairie town that has leveraged its name (which it shares with Spock’s home planet) to become a Trekkie tourist mecca. The beer is brewed under contract by the Harvest Moon Brewing Company in Belt, Mont., and according to its label is a "mind-melding good" 5.4% ABV Irish Red Ale. Delancey Direct, which has a licensing agreement with CBS Studios, plans to expand distribution first beyond Alberta to more of Canada, and perhaps next year into the United States. Project director Richard Weger said, "Each year of production will represent a television 'Season' with each beer representing an 'Episode.'" Season One will be comprised of three to five episodes," he noted. "Vulcan Ale is Episode One, a Klingon beer will be Episode Two, and a third beer yet to be announced will be Episode Three."'
(From Real Beer Mail Newsletter)

 Live long and hopsper...

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