Thursday, July 11, 2013


Long Island rock legend Peppi Marchello, who for decades fronted The Good Rats, lovingly dubbed "the world's most famous unknown band," died on Wednesday of an apparent cardiac arrest. He was 68.
 A band I first saw in 1973 when they played at the Fore-N-Aft in Westport, CT, (Where I met my wife).
A great band, led by a great singer with a sense of humor. When they used to play cover songs Peppi would change the words to something obscene. I still remember Clapton's Let It Rain coming out as "If I give my love to you, you'll let me sniff your crack". Yeah, really. And after I mentioned to him years later about meeting my wife at a Good Rats show, he signed the Play Dum CD and let me know I owed him for my sex life after 1973 - on the CD! 
What a guy, wish we could have got back up north and seen one of the reunion shows...
 Rock on Peppi, rock on...

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