Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I was reading a book today on my Kindle, and in it was mentioned “…a kitchen clock that looked like a chicken.” Which was kind of funny, since we had a clock in our kitchen that we bought when we first got married(1974)that looked like a chicken.
 For some reason we called it Superchicken and it ran for years before it finally died, and we never could find a replacement. We had bought it from a Woolworth’s, actually the only Woolworth’s we ever saw that was a 2 story Woolworth’s.
 And a few years later, while at the same store with our baby daughter in her stroller, we exited into the mall and realized she had picked up a book from a book dept rack in the store…and not just any book, but Dr Spock’s Baby & Childcare book! I guess she was attracted to the picture of the baby on the cover.
Of course we kept the book, it seemed like fate since we hadn’t previously owned a copy!

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