Sunday, October 06, 2013


The Strange History and Uncertain Future of the World's Most Coveted Delicacy

BY Inga Saffron:
 A fascinating book that in 250 pages tells you more about caviar than you probably thought you needed to know. The author not only tells the origins and early history of caviar, but also personally went and talked to people who caught the fish (legally & illegally), made the caviar, imported, smuggled, and sold it. And the ‘best’ caviar comes from one of the ugliest prehistoric fish you’ve ever seen. When I was younger I actually tried caviar, didn’t like it at all, and after reading about it am glad I never developed a taste for it, but not for the reason ($$$) that you may think. So if you see a copy of this book (I got mine at Dollar Tree) pick it up, it’s an easy read and truly an interesting book.

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