Sunday, November 03, 2013


'Xxxxx is the former physical education teacher for Landmark Baptist Christian High School. The victim, now 19-years-old, told police that the first time they had sex was when she was 16, in the band room at the school.
Pastor Xxxxxx Xxxxxx said as soon as he got a complaint about Xxxxx acting unprofessional, he dismissed him.
"One teacher reported to me, 'well he's carrying a girl's book bags or her ball equipment or whatever it was after school'. Almost like you'd expect two teenagers to do," said Xxxxxx.
The pastor also said he had no idea anything illegal was happening at the time and told the girl's parents about the PE teacher's dismissal.
"I wanted to tell them since their daughter's name was mentioned to me. They said, 'well, preacher, no problem. He's an old family friend, he's been knowing our daughter a long time and it's no problem.' So that ended it," Xxxxx said.'

(Apparently he knew her in the biblical sense…names changed to protect the stupid…)

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