Thursday, December 05, 2013

BEER# 1100

Yes, 1100 (“Didn’t know there were that many kinds of pisswater” says the wife.)
And oddly enough, I didn’t find it in an expected place…
…found it at the Daytona Flea Market! On tap!!
Yup, was feeling thirsty trudging around the flea market last Friday (see previous post) and stopped at one of the food kiosks that are at the top of each up/down aisle. Most of them carry draft beer (actually Bud Light – so not really beer) but one of them carried in addition…

 Brewed right here in Florida (Melbourne) by Florida Beer Co. so you know it’s fresh. And quite refreshing after a warm day at a flea market.
Interestingly, the brewery used to be Indian River Brewing and made the line of Indian River Beers, plus the beers from the defunct Ybor Brewing in Tampa & Miami Brewing. So I guess they’ll keep the brand differentiation & add new beers as Florida Whatever. Don’t get to Melbourne often, but will have to make a point of it now.
So now, on to the next 100 beers…

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