Tuesday, December 17, 2013


 Your odds are better for these:

1. Being killed by an asteroid or comet
Odds: 1 in 250,000
Source: Tulane University

2. Dying from being struck by lightning
Odds: 1 in 3 million
Source: Harvard School of Public Health
The chances of being hit by lightning at all over an 80-year lifetime are 1 in 10,000, according to the National Weather Service.

3. Drowning — or other beach-related fatalities
Odds: 1 in 2 million
Source: Florida Museum of Natural History, based on U.S. beach injury statistics in 2000

4. Being attacked by a shark
Odds: 1 in 11.5 million
Source: Florida Museum of Natural History

5. Dying from a bee sting
Odds: 1 in 6.1 million
Source: Harvard School of Public Health

6. Dying in a plane crash
Odds: 1 in 11 million
Source: PBS' "Nova," based on data from the U.S. Department of Transportation

7. Having conjoined twins
Odds: 1 in 200,000
Source: University of Maryland Medical Center

8. Being killed using a right-handed product, if you're left-handed
Odds: 1 in 7 million
Source: Gizmodo

9. Hitting a hole-in-one on two consecutive, par-3 holes
Odds: 1 in 156 million
Source: U.S. Hole in One, which insures golf prizes for holes in one
Also of note, the chances of an amateur golfer making a single hole-in-one on a par-3 hole is about 1 in 12,500.

10. Hitting a deer while driving in Hawaii
Odds: 1 in 6,267
Source: State Farm, from a 2011 study on collisions between vehicles and deer, said to be least likely in the state of Hawaii.

Good, ahem, luck.

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