Monday, April 28, 2014


So we were at EPCOT a while back, and up in the America section of the World Showcase. Drinking beer, of course, because in the last few years EPCOT has become very beer friendly – as in not just selling A-B products. There’s a nice selection around the countries of one and sometimes more beers from that country, Germany in particular usually has 3 or 4 different, and Canada has 2 or 3 beers handy. Even Morocco has started carrying 4 or 5 beers.
 This particular time I had just finished a beer, and was headed to the men’s toilets in the America section when a college age guy and a couple of his friends came down the sidewalk toward me. The one guy, he had a T-shirt that read ‘Keg Security’ so I pointed to him and said somewhat loudly “Hey! Keg security guy!” and the guy dropped his beer, so his friends started laughing at him and I told him he was fired!
(Well, maybe you had to be there…)

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