Saturday, May 17, 2014


So when I went to UConn back in 71-72 (oh,  it was a fun year – all one of it!) a guy I knew went down to Willimantic with me, don’t remember why, probably because it was the ’largest’ town in the area.
Driving back in the evening up SR195 we saw a plastic baby doll on the side of the road at the same time Alice Cooper’s Dead Babies played on the radio – rather a strange coincidence, especially since that was the same year Alice played in Jorgenson Center (though I’m not sure that’s what it was called it back then).
Remembering going to see the show, don’t remember much except the decapitation part and some guy climbing down from the balcony to get closer to the stage!
Anyway, I thought of this while sitting at work today listening to a bootleg of a 1972 Alice Cooper show from 1972, which was probably a close set to what I heard (including Dead Babies).

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