Monday, June 02, 2014


On the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony 2014:
 Watched it on HBO last night and a few things stuck in my mind. Glenn Frey inducted Linda Ronstadt, and he’s looking a bit rough. First thing that popped in my mind; “He may be an Eagle, but he looks like a Beagle.”
 Got to say, though I don’t listen to country music, Carrie Underwood did an incredible version of Linda Ronstadt’sStone Poneys song ‘Different Drum’ (which I own the 45 of and is the only Linda Ronstadt music I own).
 Yusuf Islam, the ex-Cat Stevens did a few songs, seems his voice is the same as it used to be.
 Daryl Hall & John Oates – the first song didn’t sound good, but they improved as they sang more…but John Oates sure is short, he could almost be Tyrion Lannister’s stand-in(for you Game of Thrones watchers)! Never realized that before, must be why they stand on different sides of the stage.
 Was good to see the original E-Street Band members Vini Lopez & David Sancious playing a few numbers with the current band. Not sure why Patty Scialfa rated into the Hall, she was pretty much a back-up singer until she married the Boss.
 Thought Joan Jett (why isn’t she in!!!) did an awesome job on Nirvana’s ‘Teen Spirit’ & St Vincent(Annie Clark) was terrific doing ‘Lithium’ and Lorde did an incredible ‘All Apologies’. Kim Gordon, however, shouldn’t be allowed to sing in public.
 And of course Kiss managed to bury the hatchet (in each other’s backs judging by the dagger-eyes being flung back and forth) long enough to accept the awards and not perform. I’ve heard the story behind it, but wonder why the old and new members of the E-Street Band were allowed to play together, but the old & new members of Kiss weren’t.
 So, that’s my take, if you saw the show or were there, leave me a comment on your opinion. Rock on!

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