Thursday, July 03, 2014


Anheuser-Busch InBev just acquired a small brewery, but not as a means of sneaking into the craft beer party. No, the beer giant’s acquisition of the Czech brewery, Samson, is instead an apparent legal strategy to “strengthen its claim to the trademark name of Budweiser” worldwide, according to CBS News.

Currently, the article adds, A-B InBev is in a global legal battle over the name with Budvar, a brewery based in the same town as Samson, Ceske Budejovice—otherwise known as Budweis.

“[A-B] InBev already owned the parent company of Samson, giving it the right to the name in the Czech Republic alongside Budvar,” according to CBS. “With the deal announced Wednesday, it will also take over Samson’s production, possibly bolstering its legal position when claiming the right to the name in other countries.”

Of course, there's no comparison between A-B's Budweiser & Budweiser Budvar..oh wait, there is...Budvar is so much better (I know because I've had it!)

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