Thursday, August 14, 2014


By John LeCarre: ‘Smiley noticed that his wrist-watch faced inwards, conforming with the obscure rites of the military demi-monde from which he seemed to come.’

I found this little quote interesting because of the fact that I wear my watch inwards, though I’ve never been in the military nor have I ever been a member of the ‘demi-monde’. I started wearing my watch like that in the mid-70s when I worked for a compressor manufacturer. During my spare time from keeping the cardex stock cards correct, I would help out in the stockroom. The aisles were quite narrow, and I probably cracked 3 watch crystals while carrying boxes down the aisles before I figured out that I could protect my watch by turning it inward. (I also at one point put a small bolt into the top of my head…but that’s another story.) Well, that was 40 years ago, and it grew so comfortable, I still wear it that way.

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