Monday, August 11, 2014


So Lays has come out with some ‘trial chips’; flavors we can buy in small bags and sample in order to vote on the ones we like. And then I guess the one (two?) favorite(s) will be sold in the regulars size bags.  Well, Phyllis and I have tried two of the flavors out,and they were both interesting.
 The first one was a cappuccino flavored standard chip; never had a cappuccino to drink, so don’t know how close the flavor was to the actual drink. However, it had a chocolatey-cinnamon flavor to it, which in itself wasn’t bad, but certainly tasted odd as a potato chip flavor. Don’t hate it, but not sure if I’d buy it again in any size bag.
 The second one was a rippled chip with mango salsa flavoring, which was quite good. It had a definite salsa taste and even the mango flavor was noticeable. This one I would definitely buy in a big bag, it would probably be good as a dip chip with a salsa, or even by itself since it does have the salsa flavor.
So try ‘em out, not sure what the other flavors are, but there’s probably at least one out there for everyone,even you.

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