Tuesday, September 09, 2014


 To Leo Tolstoy (186 – if he were still alive), author of War and Peace, which I once read in 2 weeks so my dad would take me to NYC in 1968 to see the Russian version (6-1/2 hours!) of the movie. Because of the length of the movie the theater that was showing it had an intermission in the middle which was long enough for viewers to leave the theater and have dinner somewhere. One of the things about the movie that I thought made it better than any other version was that all the actors & actresses were unknown, at least to the American audience. Interestingly, the original Russian version clocked in at about 8 hours, but the movie in Russia was actually released as four separate films! The original 2 were released in June 1965, while the filming of the last two films wasn’t completed until August 1967.
 One of these days, planning on re-reading the book, and perhaps watching the movie again and see if they still have the impact they did when I was 15.

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