Wednesday, October 08, 2014

BEER #1180

Voodoo Doughnut Pretzel, Raspberry, Chocolate Ale from Rogue Brewing in Oregon. This is the third beer I’ve had in the Voodoo Doughnut series(named after an actual donut shop in Portland and based on actual donuts). The label on this one shows a representation of the actual donut. 

I really liked this one, first sip was very pretzely which then turned chocolatey with an undercurrent of the raspberry. Drank very smooth, with the chocolate as the main taste, very satisfying. At 5.4% abv, I guess you could have more than one (it’s 1 pint,9.4 fl oz) but not if you’re driving. Or there’s enough for two to share.
So I guess out of the three Voodoos I’ve tried, this one is probably the best drinking, so if you’re going to try just one, this might be the one for you.

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