Saturday, October 11, 2014


A/K/A XXXIV: June 24-26, 1975 Capital Centre Largo, Maryland.
Bought this because I’m a big fan of early Chicago, mostly I – V, and never got a chance to see them live back then, though Phyllis and I did make a harrowing trip to Jersey City to unsuccessfully buy tickets for the actual tour this CD was recorded from. Opening act was the Beach Boys, as is mentioned at the beginning of the CD. Also on the CD is a cover of the Beatles Got To Get You Into My Life which was unexpected since I hadn’t read the track listing!
The interesting thing about this 2 disc CD (120min) is how much it sounds like a live album, which Chicago IV (Carnegie Hall) never did. While I like the Carnegie Hall album (4 records (which I own) on 3 CDs (which I also own) the songs sound almost note perfect to the original studio recordings. This recording sounds more like you were really there in MD enjoying the show.
As an aside, I remember when the original Chicago Transit Authority album came out in 1969 when I was working at Caldor Department Store (#4, Norwalk CT) I’d never heard of the band, but couldn’t resist a double album for $4.99, which was the price of a single album! So bought it and thought it was incredible, horns & guitars & keyboards…who’d a thunk it? And of course II came out the next year with a shortened name but still 2 discs for the price of one.
If you’re a fan of Chicago, especially the original line-up, find yourself this CD released through Rhino Handmade and take a toke, lay back and rock out to the sounds of Chicago (before they got too mellow).

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