Friday, November 14, 2014

BEER #1200

 With the catchy name of Ommegang Gnomegang, this blonde ale is a smooth drinker, even at 9.5%ABV.
I do like the blonde ale style of beer, and this one is really yummy. The original version was a creation by two breweries, Ommegang in Cooperstown New York, and Brasserie d’Achouffe in Belgium, bottled in a large bottle with a cork. This version is bottled standard, but is still a fine ale.
 And as a matter of interest, Chouffe is Belgian for ‘gnome’, hence the gnomes on the label.
 If you can find it, try it…I got mine at Beer Revolution in Lakeland, FL. If you’re ever in town, stop in and check out their beers. Guaranteed no A-B-Inbev-Miller-Coors…well, you get my drift…

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