Thursday, April 23, 2015


By Stephen R Lawhead:
‘The sign read THE POPE’S NOSE, and had a picture of—it was difficult to tell in the flickering light of the torches—what appeared to be the plucked rear end of a somewhat startled goose.’

Now, when I was a kid, we didn’t eat goose, and don’t remember eating a whole cooked chicken, but we did have turkey for Thanksgiving. And Dad would always flap the fatty piece that hung over the turkey’s butt and say that it was called the Parson’s nose. He never explained why it was called that, but in later years I came to realize that it was a derogatory term for religious ‘leaders’ who talked out their arse; ie, said one thing but did another, as they apparently have done since the beginning of any religion and still do up to this day.
  Which brings to mind the ‘Christians’ who own businesses and who now feel it is against their religious beliefs to serve gay people. Just a question…shouldn’t they refuse to serve divorced people, people who cheat on their spouses, or even ex-cons (since they have all broken at least one commandment)?

Perhaps these ‘Christians’ should remember the Bible also says something about casting the first stone. Hmmmmm?

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