Sunday, June 28, 2015


 by Neil Peart: Fascinating book by the Rush drummer, mostly about his travels by motorcycle around the US, and how it related to what was happening in his life at the time & the music he listened to.
 But he also talked about his years with and before Rush: the most interesting part for me was his stay in London, England – which apparently coincided with the time I lived in London & Esher. And he worked in a store on Carnaby Street, where I used to window shop as I strolled down when I was a senior in high school (shout out to the American Community School in Knightsbridge, now closed at that location. And to my friend Becky Watkins, who once dated a member of America before they were famous. RIP: Becky, miss you a lot.) I did buy a nice pair of maroon suede boots on Carnaby Street, sure won’t fit now, if I could even find them…

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