Monday, October 17, 2005


What a show,what a show! Saw them in downtown Orlando Saturday night - free (thanx WMMO) and they still rock after all these years. Actually saw them about 30 years ago, and the show was just as good. Still have 4 old time members; Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons, Michael Hossack, & John Mcfee (who started in the band as Tom's replacement when he left the band way back in the days of Michael'the man who killed the doobie bros.'McDonald. So they played all the songs you know and love, and only 1 song from the MM era. And they even had a surprise guest for 1 song; Auburndale's own Les Dudek! So that was pretty neat too, he's let his hair grow back out (as has Pat Simmons). All in all, an enjoyable show, of course, everyone had to stand up, which is ALWAYS annoying, but the crown wasn't rowdy, so that was a plus. Glad we finally got to see them again...

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