Wednesday, October 19, 2005


1)Treasure Of Tau Ceti by John Rackham; Old time sf from a 1969 Ace double edition, a fun read
2)The Nature Of Balance by Tim Lebbon; Waste of time, pointless 'mother nature striking back' story, and not even sure of that actually.
3)Final War & Other Fantasies by K.M.O'Donnell; Other side of the Ace double edition, but not really a good fit, and the stories were more philosophical than necessary.
4)Moon:The Life & Death Of A Rock Legend by Tony Fletcher; Extensively researched bio of the man known as Moon the loon. A fascinating book from start to finish, learn the truth(?) about some of the legends that grew up around K.M.
5)Baudolino by Umbert Eco; grade = F. Considering what a great book 'Name Of the Rose' was, both this and his other one (can't remember the title) were disappointing. This one in particular was a horrible read, seemed to be written by someone form the 18th century like one of those 'classics' you had to read in high school english, you know, the long boring ones.
6)The Cry Of the Halidon by Robert Ludlum; You know you can't go wrong with a Ludlum, and this one's no exception. This one centers around a survey of inland Jamaica, and the struggle for power that is the reason behind it. A great read!!

Well, there you go, a larger share of disappointing books this time around, but that's how things go sometimes.

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