Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Back around Feb.1989 or `90, we went to the Florida State Fair in Tampa. One of the vendors there was an outfit that sold rock n roll posters,pictures,music,shirts,etc. They had one wall that was covered with pictures taken by them of musicians visiting their booth in different places they had been. As I was looking at the board, someone took a picture of 4 Or 5 guys standing toward the front of the booth. Later, I told the rest of the family about it, and didn't think anymore about it. Later, my daughter Crystal asked the people who's picture they had taken, and it turned out to be Warrant. Crystal was a big fan of them back then, and in fact later met Jani Lane in Orlando. Anyway, the following year back at the fair, we were back at the same booth, and looking at the wall of pictures for the picture of Warrant. And who was in the background of the photo? Yep, yours truly. Never could get a copy of the picture though.

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