Thursday, November 03, 2005


1)What Might Have Been Vol.1&2 by Greg Benford & M.H.Greenberg,ed: Omnibus collection consisting of 'Alternate Empires' & 'Alternate Heroes'. What if what happened in history didn't happen. Inteesting concept, some stories better than others, some a little arcane and you'd have to really know your history to figure out the pivot point, but generally a good read.
2)Everything's Eventual by Stephen King: Collection of short stories by the master. A little spotty in places, but generally up to the usual S.K standards.
3)Kent Montana and the Once and Future Thing by Lionel Fenn: Swamp creatures in the bayou, humorously.
4)Under the Influence:The Unauthorized Story Of the Anheuser-Busch Dynasty by Peter Herndon & Terry Ganey. All the info the Busches DON'T really want you to know about their family. A thorough look at the brewing giant from founding to mid 90's. Beer,sex,beer,drugs,beer,murder,beer,suicide,beer,political infighting,beer, and did I mention beer?
5)Mrs Fraser And the Fatal Shore by Michael Alexander: A little known historical incident from the 1836. Shipwreck,cannibals,and last minute rescue.
6)City Of Bones by Michael Connelly: Newly discovered 20 year old murder has no shortage of suspects. Well thought out story from a new (for me) writer.

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