Monday, March 27, 2006


And `No Child Left Behind' is rapidly becoming `Most Children Left Behind'.

Soon, the children of the U.S.A. will become the dumbest children not living
in a third world country. Now schools are dropping other curriculum in
order to teach more Math & English in order for the students to pass
FCAT and other tests like it in other States. Why??? Haven't the politicians
figured out that if they let the teachers do their jobs, and hold back children
who don't deserve to pass to the next grade, that the ones who finally
graduate will have a good education? Why force children who don't want
to learn stay in school. The world will always need ditch diggers, fruit
pickers, and McDonalds employees. Why force teachers to spend their
valuable time teaching the unteachable? Isn't it better to graduate 65% of
all children, and have most of them go on to college, than graduate 95%
of the children, and not have them know enough to get into college?

It's a damn shame that the ones who really want to learn have to be dragged
down to the level of the ones who don't. And someday, if we don't wake up
to that fact, we'll wake up to find that we are a cultural & scientific third world
And cutting edge breakthroughs in science & medicine
may be coming from the Czech Republic...

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